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Join me on the Bridge 2012


Women for Women International is proud to host its 3rd annual Join me on the Bridge global event series on March 8, International Women’s Day.

This year, in addition to gathering on actual bridges, we hope you'll join our virtual Give Bridge to support our work with women survivors of war. We've set a goal - we want 1,000 people to join this virtual bridge.

To join, either set up a fundraising webpage, or donate to a friend's page (use the links at left). For those who set up a fundraising page, invite as many people to donate to your page as you can! Each fundraiser and donor brings us one person closer to our goal of 1,000 people forming our virtual Give Bridge!

P.S. Special "thank you" prizes will be sent to: fundraisers who bring at least 5 donors to the Give Bridge through their fundraising page, the top 5 fundraisers who raise the most money, and the 1,000th fundraiser or donor who joins the Give Bridge!

Note: registering as a fundraiser on this page does NOT register you to attend a bridge event. To attend an event near you, or to start your own, please visit

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